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Acme Lift takes delivery of new Genie 180-foot boom lift.     •     Acme Lift seeks to hire fleet coordinator.     •     Mike Crouch appointed president, chief operating officer of Acme Lift Co.     •     Check out Acme Lift's Bronto on the job at the Kennedy Space Center.     •     New Genie 125-foot straight boom lifts in stock and re-rent ready.     •     Factory-new Genie 80-foot knuckle booms available now for re-rent.     •     New 10,000-pound capacity Genie telehandlers with climate-controlled cabs. Call now for reservations!     •     Check out Acme Lift's Bronto working on a cooling tower.     •     Acme Lift's machines now equipped with Topcon Tierra.     •     Acme Lift expands its 60-foot lineup with JLG 600S and 660SJ models.     •     Demand for our new Genie Z-135/70s and JLG 1500SJs is soaring. Call now to reserve!     •     Call us for smokin' deals on 60- to 150-foot boom lifts     •     Access, Lift & Handlers magazine highlights Acme Lift in May-June issue. (Click here for link.)     •     Access, Lift & Handlers magazine features Acme Lift in May-June issue. (Click here for link.)     •     Acme Lift adds Genie boom lifts to its fleet.     •     We have telehanders up to 20,000-pound capacity -- JLG, Lull, Zoom Boom, SkyTrak.     •     Boom trucks with man baskets available for power line work.     •     We have arctic-equipped boom trucks     •     We have boom trucks ready to work in oil fields     •     Check out the Acme Lift article in Rental Equipment Register     •     Acme's Bronto is featured in a Lift and Access article     •     Read about Acme Lift's Bronto in American Lift & Handlers     •     The Acme Lift gang reaches for over-the-top performance     •     We have JLG 150HAX boom lifts -- aerial work platforms reaching up to 150 feet     •     Follow Acme Lift on Facebook     •     Follow Acme Lift on Twitter     •     Check out some cool photos of Acme's Bronto at work on the Tampa Bay Bridge     •     Call Acme Lift for 170-foot Condor boom lift re-rentals.     •     Acme Lift's 236-foot Bronto provides exceptional working height and horizontal outreach.     •     Acme has boom trucks for wind farms Across North America     •     We have boom trucks available 24/7/365 with manbaskets and aerial remotes     •     Our boom trucks available anywhere in U.S., Canada     •     Call Acme Lift Co. for boom trucks 17- to 50-ton     •     Boom trucks from Acme Lift Co. - tip heights to 189 feet     •     We've got boom trucks and boom lifts coast to coast     •     Call JP and ask about JLG rental specials     •     Call us for smokin' deals on 80- to 150-foot boom lifts
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